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 Leasing A Property

The REALTECH Leasing Plan

REALTECH Objectives:

  1. To lease your space for the highest possible lease rate;
  2. To maximize your net income from leasing your space:
  3. To get as many qualified prospective tenants to see your space as possible until it is leased;
  4. To lease your space in the shortest possible time period;

Market Evaluation:

  1. REALTECH will prepare a market analysis of other similar properties for lease on the market;
  2. Recommend a lease price.  Develop a marketing plan;
  3. Provide an estimate of your total cost to lease your space;
  4. Suggestion what you to can do to enhance the appeal of your space, discuss tenant improvements and their effectiveness.

Marketing And Advertising:

  1. REALTECH will immediately submit your property to Loop Net, a popular industrial multiple listing service. This will make the information about your space for lease available to all commercial agents in the San Francisco bay area;
  2. We will immediately contact active brokers in the market area who may have a tenant for your space;
  3. If appropriate, we will immediately place a professional FOR LEASE sign in front of the subject space along with color flyers of your property;
  4. On the first opportunity, we will schedule your space to be open to local brokers.
  5. We will personally invite local brokers to the Broker's Open House who specialize in the area or have clients looking for a space within the leasing parameters;
  6. We will create a professional flyer featuring photos of the building with a list of  the property features;
  7. REALTECH will list your space for lease with details on our personal website for interested parties. The web site address will be on the FOR LEASE sign for those interested in immediately learning about the space ;
  8. We will notify all tenants in the neighborhood that there is space for lease;
  9. We will be available at all times to show your space to interested parties and outside brokers;
  10. We will make every effort to continually expose your space to prospective tenants;
  11. We will keep you informed during the marketing process, detailing client's and agent's feedback. We will constantly discuss what the best approach might be with each individual situation.

Negotiation, and Lease of the Premises:

  1. We will thoroughly entertain, accept and review all offers submitted on the space for lease. We will answer all questions pertaining to a counter-offer, etc and will look for your input;
  2. We will use our skill and experience to negotiate the highest possible lease rate;
  3. We will personally attend all physical showings of the space to answer any client questions to avoid any misunderstands or problems which might arise. Close attention will be paid to any issues that the tenant might have;
  4. Once the terms of the lease have been agreed, REALTECH will put together a lease for review by the tenant or tenant's representative. We will create a time line, as per the contract, to track the dates for improvements or other matters that requires special attention;
  5. REALTECH will be available throughout the leasing process and after move-in.

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